Sen. Cornyn and Rep. Conaway visit Goodfellow

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Sen. John Cornyn III, Senate Majority Whip for the 115th Congress, and Rep. Mike Conaway, 11th District of Texas, visited Goodfellow April 10.

The visit gave Cornyn and Conaway a chance to learn how Goodfellow impacts military readiness and the city of San Angelo.

“What we saw and heard here this morning has special relevance to our responsibilities and give us situational awareness to not only what the great people who serve here are doing and learning here, but also the importance of this base to the community, the state and to our entire nation,” said Cornyn.

During the visit, Cornyn met with local media where he answered a question about how intelligence effects the War on Terror.

“Intelligence is absolutely critical to being able to fight the threats that confront our country,” he said. “Goodfellow, I would say, is the tip of the spear of that technological advantage, but it’s more than just technology, it’s the people and one of the things that is so important and that I’ve been impressed with is the quality of the great patriots who serve here and the good work that they are able to do.”

Cornyn wrapped up his visit with group photos with base service members.