GCSC awards scholarships

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- The Goodfellow Combined Spouses’ Club awarded five scholarships to dependent teenagers and a spouse at the Event Center April 1.

“The Goodfellow Combined Spouses’ Club runs the Goodfellow Thrift Store to fund scholarships for military dependents and welfare requests for military members in and around Goodfellow,” said Laura Stremmel, GCSC Scholarship chair. “This is the third year that the GCSC has awarded scholarships to military dependents for outstanding academic achievement, character, leadership qualities and community involvement.”

The GCSC awarded four $1,000 and one $2,000 scholarships to the person who wrote the top essay for the contest. Eli Jackson wrote this year’s winning essay with the theme: Describe your academic and/or career goals and the motivation which led you to this decision. How has being a military dependent/ spouse affected these goals? How has your employment, extracurricular, volunteer, and/or local community activities enhanced your goals?

“As I look toward college and pursuing my engineering degree, I am grateful for my military childhood, because it made me adaptable, which has prepared me for this new adventure,” wrote Eli in his essay titled, “An Engineer in the Making.” “Finding ways to serve and ‘pay it forward’ will continue to be a priority for me. I look forward to stepping into campus leadership and discovering local community service projects.”

The next GCSC Scholarship process will begin in the fall.

For more information on the GCSC Scholarship, contact gcscscholarship@gmail.com or visit the GCSC page at www.goodfellow.af.mil/Units/Key-Spouse-Program/