17th MDG partners with Howard College

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- This Spring the 17th Medical Group partnered with Howard College to bring students to the clinic to learn from base doctors.

“Goodfellow is real big with working with the community and we want to grow future nurses,” said Tiffany Jones, 17th MDG Family Practice registered nurse. “We are focused not only on ourselves, our readiness and our mission, but … to make sure that the community is ready as well.”

The program allows Howard College students in the registered nurse program to come to the base clinic for a two- to three- day rotation. The 17th MDG plans to keep this program going for the foreseeable future.

“The base is like its whole different little community and it’s something a lot of people don’t get to experience, so it is kind of benefiting us just being here,” said Dee Torres, Howard College nursing student. “To see how the military comes together and takes care of everybody is great.”

During their time here, students work closely with a doctor and learn about the different types of procedures.

“My favorite part of working with the students is their enthusiasm, said Jones. “They love being here. I think the biggest complaint we’ve heard is that the rotation isn’t long enough.”