Goodfellow holds Caring for People Forum

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Goodfellow members came together during the Caring for People Forum at the Taylor Chapel May 4.

The Caring for People Forum is an opportunity for base members to have their voice heard about their concerns or ideas to improve the base.

David Sullins, 17th Training Wing community event coordinator, said that the forum is a way for them to be able to have things identified by the people actually using the facilities on a day-to-day basis. Sullins has been a part of Caring for People Forum for the last five years and notices that a lot of the ideas submitted may never have gone noticed by senior leadership without the forum.

The forum began with an introduction of key facilitators and some subject matter experts on certain topics, such as a new Base Exchange.

Then volunteer discussion leaders addressed 172 ideas submitted from all ranks and positions.

By the end of the forum, the volunteers and committee voted for the top ideas to go up to the commander for review.

Volunteers voted for better food options, compressed work schedule and wearing blues quarterly for the top three ideas.

“I really think this is important,” said Staff Sgt. Jason Zadnik, 312th Training Squadron military training leader. “If you want something done, you’ve actually got to bring it up and address the issue because you’ll never know if it’s going to get fixed or not unless you bring it up.”