Immigrants gain citizenship

SAN ANGELO, Texas --

Lt. Col. Abraham Salomon, 17th Training Support Squadron commander, spoke at a naturalization ceremony in the O.C. Fisher Building in downtown San Angelo June 7.

The ceremony gave American citizenship to 22 individuals from all over the world, from Nicaragua to China.

The process to become naturalized may a long one depending on the circumstances. Many individuals waited over decades.

The Magistrate Judge E. Scott Frost, Northern District of Texas San Angelo, presided over the ceremony, giving opening remarks and swearing in the new citizens.

“Diversity is everything,” said Frost. “This country was founded on many tribes and many nations and continues to grow in more ways than one with every new immigrant we receive.”

Afterwards, Salomon talked about his own experience growing up as a first generation immigrant.

“I always asked my parents why they came here,” said Salomon. “Why? You had so much in the Philippines, what made you leave all that behind to come here? And they told me it was for the opportunity, the freedom. And from there, after I understood it, I wanted to give back, to protect this country, to die for it if I could.”

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