Rising Star Pharmacist


Goodfellow’s own Capt. Brian Welch, 17th Medical Support Squadron pharmacist, was nominated among two other candidates for the Rising Star award from the Pharmacist Times magazine June 15.

Awarded to a pharmacist who is defining the future standard of pharmacy practice by his or her professional practice and/or by advocacy in the pharmacy industry. To be eligible, a nominee must have been practicing for at most 5 years. The pool of candidates ranges from 13,000 to 15,000 pharmacists.

“I jumped up and said ‘woo!’ when I found out,” said Welch. “It felt great, especially having a team behind me to make it happen. They all know I put in for it and worked hard for it and supported me all the way.”

Welch’s passion for pharmacy originated when working as a cashier in a grocery store.

“A spot opened up in the pharmacy and I applied for it and they hired me,” he said. “After two months of working there I was still so lost and confused, but I loved the challenge. Here in front of me was this really hard thing that I wanted to figure out, so I naturally fell in love. I also had incredible mentors, all four of the pharmacists I worked under had a huge influence on me.”

One mentor influenced him to commission.

“One boss I had always said he wished he stayed in the military. He said he would’ve been able to retire at the age he was and that always stuck with me. I went to officer training school and have just loved it so far. Pharmacy on the outside is a lot more business oriented, while in the military it’s definitely more of a caretaker role and I like that. I like taking care of people.”