Culinary expert hosts demonstration for Goodfellow

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Marc Daniels, San Angelo Community Medical Center executive chef, in partnership with the 17th Medical Group, hosted a food demonstration at the Fellowship Hall in the Taylor Chapel on Goodfellow Air Force Base, Sept. 26.

Daniels brought his own staff, making full use of the chapel’s kitchen. The demonstration featured salmon, couscous, vegetarian chili, rotisserie chicken and roasted root-vegetables, all products bought on base. One point he emphasized to the audience was that they did not have to leave base to get the food he cooked, saving time.

“What I’m doing is multifaceted, it’s to teach them healthy cooking and it’s also to teach them time management on their cooking,” said Daniels. “One of the things I heard they’re struggling with is time. People on base are always working out, learning their craft, running from one place to another. They don’t have the time to eat healthy, which makes them depend on convenience stuff like fast food, which is good on time, but bad on health.”

Another facet of the demo was simplicity.

“We’re here to teach how to make simple items,” said Daniels. “They can do it in batch cooking so that they can also take those items and cook three or four other recipes with the original recipe. A lot of these recipes have three ingredients. So you’re only cooking one or two days of the week, and the other days of the week you’re just assembling.”

17th Medical Group coordinated the event, wanting to promote healthier lifestyle living.

“Today we are partnering up with San Angelo Community Health Center,” said Elizabeth Burmeister, Medical Group health promotion coordinator. “A lot of us get caught up in the ease of unhealthy food and fast food. We have lost the drive to want to cook healthy foods, or we just flat out don’t know how. So we’re teaching these methods. You don’t have to be an executive chef to prepare these meals.”

Burmeister wanted to show that healthy food doesn’t have to taste bad.

“It’s a misconception that healthy food tastes bad, or worse, than unhealthy food,” said Burmeister. “It’s fun being able to prepare things and try things that you’ve never tried before, and fall in love with it especially when you’ve made it on your own.”

This is the first food demonstration and will be a regular event every fourth Tuesday each month, all hosted by Daniels.