September is National Preparedness Month: Week 3


The theme for Week 3 of National Preparedness Month is hurricanes. Hurricane season is currently peaking, this would be a great time to take action and prepare for these powerful storms.

Each year, parts of the United States experience heavy rains, strong winds, floods and coastal storms surging from hurricanes and tropical storms making hurricanes affect inland communities.

Here is how to prepare for a hurricane and protect yourself during these storms:

• Stay away from windows and glass doors.

• Go to a small interior windowless room, such as a bathroom or closet, on the lowest level not likely to flood.

• If you are in an area that is flooding, move to a location on higher ground.

• If the power goes out, use a flashlight, not a candle.

• Follow directions from local authorities, if they issue an evacuation order.

Stay informed about hurricanes by monitoring weather reports and signing up to receive local alerts. The National Weather Service issues hurricane watches and warnings to let locals know when a storm is headed their way. You can also download the Federal Emergency Management Agency mobile application to receive NWS weather updates.

For more information, Please contact the Readiness and Emergency Management Flight at, 325-654-3245 or at