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GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas --Team Goodfellow members fish at Goodfellow's Recreation Camp on Lake Nasworthy, May 14. Fishing is just one of the many activities that 17th Force Support Squadron's Outdoor Recreation Center offers. 
(U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Heather L Rodgers)
ODR: One stop shop for summer fun
Are you tired of staring at the walls or listening to the kids say, "I'm bored"? Having a hard time finding something to do to beat the heat? Maybe you're just looking for a good way to let off some steam after a day at the office. Your one-stop shop for summertime fun is Goodfellow's Outdoor Recreation Center. ODR will point you in the right
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Default Air Force Logo Heat-related illness, protect yourself
We are no strangers to heat in West Texas and therefore we need to be aware of the hazards associated with hot weather and high humidity. Some jobs on Goodfellow require workers to spend a significant amount of time working in temperatures that reach triple digits. Other jobs require workers to go from air conditioned buildings to the hot outdoors
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GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas-- Senior AirmanChadwick McGuire,17th Training Support Squadron, auditions for Tops in Blue, the Air Force's amateur traveling entertainment group, December 2010. (courtsey photo) The musical Airman: Goodfellow Airman uses music to relieve stress, inspire wingmen
A young boy sits in front of a piano that is bigger than he is and cries in frustration. He is struggling and can't seem to learn how to play a certain piece of music. Feeling hopeless, the child turns his tear-swollen eyes to his grandmother. "It's okay," she says. "Crying will help you remember."Senior Airman Chadwick McGuire, an instructional
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Default Air Force Logo DOD official cites need for expanded family support networks
The Defense Department is working to expand and integrate its network of military and civilian helping professionals to ensure military families receive the support and care they need for years to come, the DOD official who oversees family programs said here April 27."History has shown that by combining our resources, we can meet any challenge, in
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GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas—Customers take advantage of some of the new equipment at the Mathis Fitness Center, April 19.  During the center’s recent expansion, which gave an additional 15,000 square feet to the center, 142 new pieces of equipment, including various cardio and strength training machines, were added. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Jessica Keith) Fitness Center expansion brings in more customers
The recent expansion of the Mathis Fitness Center here, which took place as part of the Air Force's Fit to Fight initiative, has helped increase the number of patrons who visit the gym regularly. The expansion, which opened last month, includes more than 15,000 square feet of space and 142 pieces of new exercise equipment. "We were able to add back
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Always drink responsibly. April is Alcohol Awareness Month; the Air Force has also designated December as Responsible Alcohol Use Month. (U.S. Air Force graphic by Senior Airman Kristen Sauls) Beer bottles, bars: The fine line of a good time
The sound of the doorbell rang throughout the house like a ceremonial gong. As Linda opened the front door, she was coated in a fine layer of overripe apple and gunpowder, unwittingly falling prey to an American pastime; the April Fool's joke. Humor is an important part of modern society, providing a release for the stressed and an outlet for
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Default Air Force Logo Managing Your Move
In an effort to make moving a little easier, customers now have the ability to utilize the Defense Personal Property System, a full-service tool that provides an improved move process for all eligible members of the Defense Department personal property community. Military personell and civilians can create and submit move applications online and
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Women Airforce Service Pilots served for love of Flight How well do you know women's history?
March is Women's History Month. Can you answer these questions about prominent women in military history? QUESTION 1: In September 1976, a group of ten women entered undergraduate pilot training at Williams Air Force Base, Arizona. This was the first class of women to train to fly military aircraft in aboutA. 20 yearsB. 30 yearsC. 40 yearsQUESTION
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Default Air Force Logo Goodfellow Exchange managers listen, respond
Customer feedback plays an instrumental role in the Goodfellow Exchange's ability to provide great service while improving the overall shopping experience. Military patrons can play a part in this process by meeting Goodfellow Exchange managers to discuss daily operations and areas of improvement.Meet the Manager, is a program in which store and
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GOODFELLOW AIR FORSE BASE, Texas--Airman 1st Class John Ndubusi, Medical Support Squadron, receives the Airman of the Fourth Quarter award for the MDSS, July 2010 from Lt. Col. David Zemkosky, previous MDSS Commander. (courtesy photo) Airman invests ‘lottery’ win into experiences rich in service, education
Airman 1st Class John Emeka Ndubuisi will always remember the day he won the lottery.It wasn't the multi-million-dollar payday that Powerball or Mega Millions provides. To him, his jackpot was even richer and deeper - an opportunity to come to the U.S. and fulfill his insatiable thirst for education and service. Five years later, the native of
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