Goodfellow 17th Training Wing Student Spotlight for July


Army Spc. Ashley E. Hall, 316th Training Squadron student, is the newest 17th Training Group Student of the Month Spotlight, a series highlighting Team Goodfellow students.

17th Training Wing Public Affairs: What led you to join the military?

Hall: In high school, I was in junior ROTC. I was really into it. I liked the discipline. I liked how there was always someone you could go to. The instructors and I got along really well, and they kind of encouraged me into joining the military.

What’s been the most impactful moment in your career so far?

Hall: The joint service color guard – it has given me a chance to work with all the different branches, learn their ranks and just to figure out what each branch is about. I know a lot of people haven’t been able to work with the other branches, and I feel that has set me up to be better in the future, in case I work with a Sailor, Airman or Marine.

What are your hobbies?

Hall: I really enjoy basketball. I like hiking, rock climbing, swimming and I also like to draw. I like hanging out with friends and releasing steam.

What do you want to accomplish during your time here at Goodfellow Air Force Base?

Hall: While I’m here at Goodfellow, I want to get a max [physical training] score and of course graduate my course with at least an 85 percent or higher, so that I can move onto my next duty station.

Is there any advice or anything extra you would like to share?

Hall: Work hard and trust your chain of command. Never be afraid to ask a question. There is always somebody who knows something that you don’t, and there is always something you know that somebody else doesn’t, so if you work with people, you’ll get to where you need to be.