Chaplain assists with anger management

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Military chaplains offer emotional support to Goodfellow members at the Taylor Chapel. Among them is Chaplain (Capt.) Craig M. Forsythe, 17th Training Wing deputy wing chaplain, who helps people control their anger.

When responding to anger, Forsythe encourages people not to respond inappropriately, such as raising their voice, throwing objects or becoming violent.

“Often anger is a response to a threat,” said Forsythe. “Anger is a legitimate response.”

Forsythe said he believes threats can be personal, idealistic or perceived. Even jokes can be thought of as a threat to someone’s identity.

The chaplain said he focuses on recognizing triggers for anger, and how to respond appropriately.

Everyone has different triggers, so it’s important for people to recognize these triggers to avoid an angry reaction, he said. When confronting someone who is experiencing anger, it’s important to give them the right to be angry.

Forsythe quoted a book by author Andrew D. Lester, an inspiration of his, “Ask, what are you angry about? What can we do about it? What is the way forward? Encourage them to take responsibility for their anger.”

For assistance with anger management, contact the Taylor Chapel at 325-654-3424.