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Default Air Force Logo Motivating and encouraging Generation Why
Why don't you ask HIM to do this? Why do we do that like this? Why can't I just do it my way? Why; why; why..... "Why?" is a time consuming question that is fast becoming ever present in every tasking given to our younger force The question may illicit an instructive response from a peer, irritation by middle management, or even enrage senior
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Default Air Force Logo Are your personnel records ready?
March is the month the Air Force sets aside for the Personnel Records Readiness Campaign. Many Airmen don't prioritize keeping their records up-to-date very highly; however, that is not only to their detriment, but potentially to their dependents' as well. Military members should use this opportunity to review such items as their virtual record of
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Default Air Force Logo A fond farewell to Goodfellow
The time has passed way too quickly for me and my family. It's nearly time for the dreaded Change of Command ceremony (March 9, for those who don't know). With that, my time at Goodfellow (at least as commander) will be over and the Col. Richard Ayres era will begin. It's been an exciting 18 months. Coming here for me at all was completely
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Default Air Force Logo Grounded: making the most of dorm life
So you've just put on Airman First Class and are looking to gain some independence - or maybe you're a straight-from-tech-school Airman Basic who just needs more space. Either way, you're living in the dorms and you want out. If you're permanent party, there's no rule written anywhere (unless your commander wrote it specifically for you) that says
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Default Air Force Logo You deserve what you tolerate
I think it's safe to say that everyone at some point has had a catchy song or phrase bounce around their head for a few days after hearing it on the radio or TV. Sometimes these catch phrases can be quite annoying, especially when you can't drive it out of your memory. For example, who can forget "Don't Worry, Be Happy?" Other times, having a
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Default Air Force Logo Training has always been the soul of the military
During the long and bitter trail of defeats leading from the Battle of Long Island in summer 1776 to the seemingly miraculous (and decidedly uncommon) victories at Trenton and Princeton in December and January 1776-77, General George Washington became increasingly aware of a basic fact revolving around warfare: a well-trained force will almost
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Default Air Force Logo My cousin, my hero
Amy Dorsett was the all-American teenager. Tall and beautiful, she was the captain of her high school cheerleading squad and loved anything athletic, from riding horses, to swimming and dancing. Amy was engaged to her high school sweetheart, Bill, who had recently completed a tour in the Marine Corps on the Presidential support detail. Amy and Bill
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Default Air Force Logo The Chief sends it ...
Followership --Think about it, talk about it, and hopefully you'll do a great deal about it. We've got fistfuls of EPRs (Evaluation Performance Report) that let the world know that we're outstanding leaders, we expend costly resources learning about leadership, and we spend a great deal of time talking about how we can collectively lead ourselves
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Default Air Force Logo What are our limits?
The sign on the bison range above underground quarters of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois reads, "Don't cross this field unless you can do it in 9.9 seconds... the bull can do it in 10." Since I first read this quote, I have come to appreciate the subtleties of the many lessons contained therein. So much of our training
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Default Air Force Logo Supervising turtles
Anyone who has watched the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet may be able to see the analogy I'm about to make between first-term Airmen and newly hatched sea turtles. Like newly hatched sea turtles, newcomer Airmen face similar vulnerabilities. This analogy is not meant to be degrading to our young Airmen, but is meant to show how challenging the
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