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Equal Opportunity

We are a readiness organization to aid mission effectiveness through the use of climate assessments, complaint processing, human relations training, alternate dispute resolution for military personnel, their family members, retirees, and civilian employees at Goodfellow AFB.

There are two types of complaints processed by the Equal Opportunity Office for military personnel, their family members and retirees: formal complaints and informal complaints.

Formal Complaints:
Any complaint that Equal Opportunity personnel clarifies by taking the complainant' s statement, interviewing witnesses, interviewing the alleged offender, and writing a report for the unit commander with a conclusion as to whether or not Air Force Equal Opportunity and Treatment Policy has been violated.

Informal Complaints:
Any complaint that is handled by anyone or any means other than the Equal Opportunity Office. While a complainant does file the informal complaint with the EO office, EO personnel do not look into the allegations or make a determination as to whether or not Air Force policy has been violated. Informal complaints can be clarified by, but not limited to, the complainant notifying the alleged offender that certain behavior is unwelcome or offensive, commander-directed investigations, use of the chain of command, or mediation.

For specific information about filing formal and informal complaints, contact the Equal Opportunity Office at (325) 654-4690 or DSN 477-3898, located in bldg 300 suite A.

Civilian Federal Employees:
If you feel you have been discriminated against because of race, color, national origin, sex, age, physical or mental handicap, or reprised against for participating in a protected activity, or for voicing your opposition to discrimination YOU MUST CONTACT AN EEO COUNSELOR within 45 calendar days after the alleged act of discrimination or the day you became aware of the act for your complaint to be considered valid under the law. 29 CFR Part 1614. If you experience unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment, or are aware of this type of behavior occurring, please contact the EO office immediately.

Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR): The 17th Training Wing Equal Opportunity Office also provides workplace dispute resolution counseling as part of the "Goodfellow Alternate Dispute Resolution Program". The program provides assistance in all workplace disputes and is not limited to complaints of discrimination. Come by and visit with a trained professional today. This service is available to all Goodfellow employees and is completely confidential.

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