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How do I request volunteers from Goodfellow?

For the volunteer request form click here.

(1) Instructions: Provide the requested information, below, and email to fsc.programs@us.af.mil or fax to 325-654-5453 to the attention of the Volunteer Coordinator. If you need assistance in completing the form or have questions, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 325-654-3893.

(2) Timeline: Provide information on your event 30 days out if possible. If not, provide the information as soon as you can. Requests for volunteers received a week or less before the event will have a less likely chance of securing volunteers.

(3) Please note that:
(a) Goodfellow AFB equipment cannot be provided for your event.
(b) Requests for military members to wear their uniforms must be coordinated with other base units and will require additional staff time. Military members cannot be in uniform for any fundraising activities.
(c) Goodfellow AFB personnel are prohibited from signing waivers of liability when volunteering in an official capacity.
(d) All volunteers must be provided a safety briefing. If your event or activity has the potential for injury, volunteers must be provided a safety briefing outlining the specific dangers and must be provided appropriate safety equipment. Contact the Safety Office at 325-654-3894/3895/3963 for guidance on both the safety briefing and safety equipment.

(4) In most cases, publication of your need for volunteers will be posted on the Goodfellow AFB website, www.goodfellow.af.mil, and the base paper, Goodfellow Monitor, no sooner than 30 days out. When forwarded for publication, your volunteer need will also be forwarded to numerous base units for further distribution.

(5) Goodfellow members who want to volunteer for your event will contact your listed Point of Contact (POC) directly. Unfortunately, securing volunteers cannot be guaranteed. Whether volunteers can assist your effort depends on several variables such as day /time of event, mission requirements, lack of transportation, other commitments, etc.

(6) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the base Volunteer Coordinator at 325-654-3893.


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