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LRS Airman assists driver

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- An Airman from the 17th Logistics Readiness Squadron stopped to help an unconscious driver Tuesday in San Angelo.

Airman 1st Class Jarred Novak was on his way home from lunch when he saw a car cut across lanes of traffic into an off ramp and start scraping the guardrail.

"At first I thought someone was just in a hurry," Airman Novak said, "But then I saw a woman in the driver's seat unconscious." Airman Novak pulled his car off the freeway and slowed to stop traffic on the frontage road, where the unconscious driver's car stopped after drifting across an embankment.

"I stopped as soon as I could," Airman Novak said, adding that he and others immediately went to the car to check on the driver. According to Airman Novak, the driver was disoriented and ready to pass out.

With ambulance and police on the way, Airman Novak said he talked to the woman to keep her conscious in case she had suffered a concussion.

Neil Townley, of the 17th Training Wing Safety office, offered the following driving safety tips in response to this accident.

- Don't drive when you're fatigued; make sure you're well rested even if driving a short distance.

- Do not operate a vehicle under the influence of any medications which may cause drowsiness or "altered moods."

- If you feel dizzy or sick, find a place to safely pull off the roadway - don't keep driving.

- Signal your intent to pull off the road well in advance and slow down gradually if possible.

- Pull entirely off the hard surface and avoid parking your car where you would block traffic. Avoid parking your car on a road with a blind curve or hill.

- Turn on the vehicle's four-way flashers (hazard lights).