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17 TRW historian wins AETC awards

Dr. John Garrett

Dr. John Garrett

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Our award-winning historian has done it again! On March 12, Dr. John Garrett, 17th Training Wing Historian, was named one of the winners of the Air Education and Training Command Excellence in Historical Publications Award and the AETC Heritage Award for 2007.

Dr. Garrett's AETC Excellence in Historical Publications Award was for his study "Fighting the War from Goodfellow: The Story of DocEx Translation Support."

"This study looked at the role played by linguists at the 316th Training Squadron in translating a part of the huge cache of captured enemy documents taken mainly in Afghanistan and Iraq," Dr. Garrett said, "and particularly at the procedures we developed for accomplishing much of that work remotely," he continued.

The AETC Heritage Award was for his work heading up the H-43 "Pedro" helicopter restoration effort on Goodfellow. This marks Dr. Garrett's third consecutive time winning the AETC Heritage Award, but the historian is quick to share credit for his success.

"What's particularly neat about this second award," Dr. Garrett commented, "is that it recognizes the work of a whole team of folks from the fire school and transportation who joined together to make this happen."

The historian said he was surprised to find out he'd won the awards.

"But it was a pleasant surprise," Dr. Garrett said, "Especially the award for the Pedro helicopter project, since so many folks had invested so much of their time on this. It's nice to know that our efforts to restore and preserve some of the material aspects of Air Force history are recognized as important," he added.

Becoming an Air Force historian like Dr. Garrett requires at least a bachelor's degree, though Dr. Garrett says most applicants have advanced history degrees. A deployment commitment is now part of the process, which starts with an application through the Air Force Personnel Center.

Dr. Garrett will be nominated for the corresponding Air Force-level awards as well.