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Friendship Golf

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- You've seen it happen: a military member, in uniform, has their lunch paid for or laundry bill paid by one of San Angelo's civilian patriots. Time and again the community we live amongst shows its support and affinity for the military professionals stationed at Goodfellow.

Once a year, we try and bring it all together in an event known as the Friendship Golf Tournament. One Friday each year, teams comprised of two military and two civilian members take to the links in the name of fun, fellowship and friendship. But they also do it in the name of charity; Project WarmHeart (PWH).

The tourney is a combined effort of the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce and Goodfellow volunteers. The chamber's Military Affairs Committee is also a vital key to the success of this joint venture. The planning team works months in advance to gather sponsors, door prizes, "goodiebags," and players.

Talking with several business owners last year, it was evident that they were willing to support, but were very interested where their donations were going.

Headed up by the 17th Training Wing vice commander, PWH is facilitated by Goodfellow's First Sergeants Council. It serves all military families assigned to Goodfellow: any service, any rank, any time. With the increased operations tempo and the large amount of support Goodfellow has provided the combatant commanders, there has been a voluminous call for assistance this past year...and we were able to answer the call each time. Thanks to the Friendship Golf Tournament.

In 2006, the First Sergeant's Council was able to provide Thanksgiving dinner baskets to 250 families. But it didn't stop there. At Christmas-time, another 245 families got dinner and presents for children of deployed members. That's huge. The military professionals, in general, have always prided themselves on being able to, "...take care of our own." That tradition is safe. Thanks, in part, to the Friendship Golf Tournament.

This year is the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the Air Force as a separate service. In conjunction with the chamber's celebration weekend, the Friendship Golf Tournament will be held on Friday, Sept. 14, at Quicksand Golf Course. It will once again feature the 4-person team makeup. We invite you to join in the fun, fellowship and friendship of this tourney.

You'll golf, eat, drink, and get a prize...those are guaranteed; but you might also meet a new friend.

Without goals, life is merely an aimless road. Our goal this year is to top last year's contribution of $5,000 and to help more families. We can do that, with your help, thanks to the Friendship Golf Tournament.