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Black Employment Program pursues workplace equality

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- The Black Employment Program is a Special Emphasis Program, established in May 1987 as an integral part of the civilian Equal Employment Opportunity Program.
Its objectives are to ensure equal opportunity in the hiring, advancement and training of black employees, and to strive toward the achievement of a civilian work force in which black employees are represented in every organizational element, occupational series and grade level, commensurate with their representation in the relevant civilian work force.

Gladys Hicks, the current BEP manager for Goodfellow, has worked in federal government for nearly 30 years and is chief of classification in the Civilian Personnel Flight. In addition to other duties, as BEP program manager she is required to "assist in the development, implementation and evaluation of the Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program and the Affirmative Employment Program Plan as they pertain to black employment."

Ms. Hicks' primary goal is to maintain a high community profile, encouraging local minority populations to consider federal employment options.

Other BEP goals are:
- Enhance recruitment and hiring practices
- Improve retention
- Disseminate information about training and development opportunities
- Monitor and ensure accountability

In addition, Ms. Hicks is working to establish a special emphasis subcommittee to hold monthly meetings to discuss some of the issues and problems that affect blacks in the workplace and to recommend solutions. For the near future, a program or forum, such as a "Lunch and Learn" program, is in the planning stages.

For more information regarding the Black Employment Program, call Gladys Hicks at 654-3326