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Privatized Housing set for Sept. 30

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- This is the first installment of Family Housing News. We will provide information and updates on the future changes affecting Military Family Housing. We will provide information on housing privatization and expiration of the Lake Nasworthy Housing lease. We hope that by providing you with as much information as possible, that your transition from military family housing to privatized housing will be easy for you and your families.

As of today, the date set for privatization is Sept. 30. Goodfellow will convey ownership of our two senior officer and 96 Lanham housing units to the privatized partner. The 200 Military Family Housing units at Lake Nasworthy are currently leased by the government and is not a part of the privatization project. The lease expires in December, and we are currently in negotiations with the owner, who has made a commitment to place these units in Goodfellow's Rental Partnership Program.

Additionally, the Lake Nasworthy Housing lease will expire Dec. 4. We are working with the owner to have the units available under the Rental Partnership Program. We anticipate competitive market rental rates. You will be responsible for paying for all utilities. We will provide updates as more information becomes available

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Who has to live in privatized housing?
Answer: The only time privatized housing is mandatory is if the military member is considered "key or mission essential", which requires the member to live on base. Otherwise, military members may choose to live in privatized housing or not. The military member must make a choice among all other private sector housing options.

Question: What are the roles of the military member (the tenant) and the Air Force in the management and operations of privatized housing?
Answer: The project documents set forth the roles and responsibilities of the Air Force, the project owner, and the military member. Although each project may vary, generally, once the project documents are executed, the Air Force transfers ownership of the existing housing units to the project owner. For the remainder of the project, the Air Force's primary role is to provide long-term oversight of the project owner's performance. The military member enters into a tenant lease directly with the project owner. As with any other private tenant/landlord relationship, the property manager is your first point of contact.

Question: I am worried about the security for my family.
Answer: As a general rule, the Air Force will provide fire, police and other emergency services to housing located within the installation boundaries under proprietary or exclusive federal jurisdiction. The city of San Angelo will provide services for privatized housing areas outside of our fenced installation boundaries.

Question: How are rental rates determined?
Answer: All privatized housing units are designated for occupancy by pay grade. The member's rent will not exceed the BAH at the dependent rate for the designated military pay grade, minus an amount sufficient to cover 110% of average estimated utility charges.

Question: What is the Rental Partnership Program?
Answer: The Rental Partnership Program was implemented to ease transition and defray costs incurred while moving, such as security deposits and application fees.

Question: Who is eligible for RPP?
Answer: All military personnel are eligible to participate.

Question: How does the military member participate?
Answer: Military members report to the Housing Office for counseling with a copy of their orders and most current LES. A member must have at least one year assignment to Goodfellow. When counseling is completed, the member will receive a letter of eligibility that is presented to the property manager authorizing participation in the partnership program. The military member will ensure that he/she has these items before attempting to visit the properties.

Question: How is rent paid?
Answer: The military member agrees to initiate a payroll allotment for disbursing the rent on a monthly basis to the management firm. The military member must pay a $2 per month allotment processing fee to participate in the program. Until the allotment actually starts, rent must be paid by cashier's check or money order only. No personal checks or cash are allowed in this program. You must not stop your allotment until you have received a clearance sheet from the project manager at the end of you 12-month lease.

Question: Is a deposit required?
Answer: By paying your rent by allotment and signing a 12-month lease, the security deposit and application fee/credit check will be waived. If you damage the unit or leave it dirty, you will be responsible for those charges. A pet deposit may be required.

Question: Who is responsible for the lease?
Answer: Military members are responsible for signing the individual lease with the project manager. They will be responsible for all rules/regulations and polices that are applicable.

If you have any questions regarding the Lake Nasworthy Housing or Housing Privatization, call 654-3491.