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New Arts and Crafts Center in the works

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- If people go knocking on the door to the Arts and Crafts Center, they'll notice something different-- the doors are locked and nobody's home. That's because the center has temporarily relocated to Bldg. 144 while a new and improved center is under construction.

The construction phase of the project began this week is scheduled to take at least 14 months, according to Peggy Farnsworth, 17th Services Division. When it is completed, Goodfellow will have a remodeled Auto Shop area with six new stalls, an expanded wood shop to include a finishing room and a brand new multi-crafts area that is three times the size of the current shop space.

The new space will include classrooms, more work areas for ceramics and pottery work, a gallery area and an expanded resale supply area.

Both the auto and wood shop will be closed during the entire renovation period.

The Arts and Crafts Shop is scheduled to reopen Jan. 2 in Bldg. 144.

At that time people will be able to continue to use the services the Arts and Crafts Center currently offers, such as engraving, embroidery, silk screen, mug printing, custom framing and ceramics.

The 17 SVS would like to stress that while parts of the center will remain closed for the duration of the renovation, the people of Goodfellow will certainly be impressed with the results.

"We've been trying to get this project off the ground for at least 10 years," said Ms. Farnsworth, "so it is very exciting that it is finally happening. "This will give the Goodfellow community the Arts and Crafts Center that they need and deserve," she added.