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  • An Aspiration to Serve

    Every Tuesday morning at 8 a.m., Chief Stein and I walk into the Event Center to greet Airmen newly arrived to Goodfellow for training.  The majority of students have just graduated from Basic Military Training, and sometimes the room is jam-packed with upwards of 150 Airmen. Some of these Airmen are tired from traveling, others look apprehensive
  • Serving your community

    I have heard numerous complaints about how there isn’t anything to do here, and it may be true that we are stationed on a tiny base in a small town, but there are tons of things to do around here.I think one of the best things to do at this base is work on yourself and a great way to do that is to volunteer.Dr. Martin Luther King said this about
  • Hike Safe, Goodfellow

    Hiking is a common activity among the military. For some it is building endurance for the next deployment, for others it may be training for their physical assessment or, it can be an escape from the day-to-day march of work. As simple as walking through the woods sounds, there are risks involved. The most crucial yet easily overlooked risk is heat
  • The Key to Greatness

    If you attended Stars and Stripes last week, you heard Chief Kirkpatrick’s closing words about greatness and how we are members of the greatest Air Force in the world. His words were very inspiring and motivating. Later that day, as I was driving home, I started to think what is the best way for me to strive for greatness and how can I make my
  • Scared Straight

    Usually I write these messages with a humorous positive slant.  Well, I hope they were written that way.  The sole reason they were written that way is because people react to positive messages more than negative messages. It’s true.  Am I right?  However, let us switch gears and call this message the “Safety Scared Straight” message. Do you ever