You control the future

  • Published
  • By Maj. Louis Orndorff
  • 17th Contracting Squadron
The future of our Air Force is in your hands. That's right, you are the one driving our future capabilities and your actions now and into the future will make all the difference. Now more than ever before, Air Force leadership is listening and asking for ways to change. 

Everyday, the resources available to us and the funding to continue to do business as usual dwindles away while the requirement to maintain our presence around the world remains. 

What would you change if you could? What would you call a "no valueadded" process or event? What will you do to make the changes we need? Communication is the key to change. 

No matter the level at which you work, civilian or military, you have a chance to bring your thoughts forward. Whether you are a student or permanent party at Goodfellow, you may have a fresh perspective that will open the door to a sweeping change. We are in a new era. Many of the regulations and directives are not optimal for the force we have today and the force we must turn into. Take a look at the Air Force vision, our senior leaders expect the Air Force to change and keep up with the Department of Defenses' "Transformation Effort." 

In a nutshell, transformation brings us right back to change, deliberate change to get the most out of all levels of effort through new combinations of concepts, capabilities, people and organizations. 

This is where you come in. Under Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century, the
Air Force has laid out a s t r u c t u r e d approach to tear down the barriers we have encountered in the past. 

Take a look at the difference between today's military and that of WWII where we had grease boards and the very early stages of the technologies we enjoy today. Now, compare that to what you see around you today with our ability to project precision force
anywhere in the world within a few hours and all of the equipment, technology and infrastructure it takes to do that. 

The communications and computers along with current doctrines represent a huge change on many fronts; someone was the driving force for that change. 

Now do the same comparison between what you see around you today and where we will be in fifteen years. I think we will see the same scale of change. Take a look at the Air Force vision and the transformation websites on the Air Force Portal. The future will not look like it does today. 

What would you change if you could? As I said, Air Force leadership is listening now more than ever before. With the new tools and skills the average Airman comes with, here are many areas to look at for change. Now is the time to act and take part of the future of our Air Force. 

"Embracing change means to seek change, not avoid it. We must continually change for the better and improve things. This is a never ending job, and you should not want it to end." ~ Brigadier General Michael Newton.