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315th Training Squadron

Coming to the 315th TRS?

Be sure to check out the Welcome Packet by clicking here. For further questions call 325-654-3318.

The 315th Training Squadron has over 220 instructors training more than 4,800 students annually for global ISR missions including Air Force officer and enlisted students; as well as, international officers, civilian and joint service students. The 315th Training Squadron's vision is to provide realistic and relevant career long training to develop the world's most combat-ready intelligence professionals to conduct global operations. The squadron is responsible for facilities, advanced modeling and simulation, and ISR systems-of-record in excess of $70 million. The 315 TRS also manages and writes the 5- and 7-level Career Development Courses (CDC) for the 1N0-Operations Intelligence and 1N1-Geospatial Analyst career fields.

The 315th TRS provides training in the following AFS awarding courses:

1N031 Operations Intelligence Apprentice Course
1N131A Geospatial Intelligence Analyst Course
1N131B Geospatial Intelligence Targeting Course
14N Intelligence Officer Course

The 315th TRS provides training in the following advanced intelligence courses:

IMSC: Intelligence Master Skills Course
SEIMSC: Senior Enlisted Intelligence Master Skills Course
IROC: ISR Operations Course
T-IFTU: Targeting-Intelligence Formal Training Unit
CWF MTT: Conventional Weaponeering Fundamentals Mobile Training Team
CTSA: Air Force Critical Thinking and Structured Analysis Course
AFTU: Analysis Formal Training Unit

The 315th TRS provides the following training in the Distributed Common Ground Station Formal Training Unit:

MSA: Mission Support Analyst (1N0)
GA: GEOINT Analyst (1N1)
SA: Signals Analyst (1N2A)
SSO: Special Signals Operator (1N2C)
CO: Cryptologic Operator (1N3)
TR: Technical Reporter (1N4)
MOC: Mission Operations Commander (14N)

The 315th TRS also provides the following training:

IIAOC: International Intelligence Applications Officer Course

For those reporting to the 315th Training Squadron, please refer to the in-processing page.