SILENT SENTINELS - "Relevant and Ready"

MISSION: The mission of the 344th Military Intelligence Battalion is to train Soldiers to be Military Intelligence and Cyber professionals. Upon graduation, these Soldiers are tactically and technically competent, disciplined, physically fit, instilled with Army values, and ready to join the Joint Team.

It prepares Soldiers to fight our Nation’s wars while taking care of them and their Families. The battalion trains Soldiers in three different Military Occupational Specialties, Military Intelligence, and Cyber. It has more than 70 classes in session at any given time across over 40 blocks of instruction and three separate Companies. The battalion has more than 150 permanent party members with an annual student throughput of about 1,500 Soldiers.


In-processing Information:
344 MI BN In-processing Instructions

344 MI BN Staff Duty desk: DSN 477-5295 / 325-654-5295

344 MI BN Chaplain: DSN 477-4020 / Comm 325-654-4020

344 MI BN A Company: DSN 477-1951 / Comm 325-654-1951

344 MI BN B Company: DSN 477-3966 / Comm 325-654-3966

344 MI BN C Company: DSN 477-5021 / Comm 325-654-5021

Directions from San Angelo Airport

Head south on Hangar Road
Turn right towards Reary Blvd
Continue on Reary Blvd
Turn right on Knickerbocker Road
Turn right on W Loop 306
Take the ramp on the left onto TX-306 Loop E
Take the Ben Ficklin Road
Turn left onto the Crossings Avenue
Turn left onto Christoval Road
Turn right onto S Chadbourne Street
Turn left on Kearney Blvd