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United States Air Force Victims’ Counsel

·What Victims' Counsel do for Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence victims:

-Provide confidential legal advice

-Protect your rights and privacy interests

-Advocate your voice & choice

-Advise you on the investigation and prosecution process

-Represent you in interviews, hearings, and military trials

·What Victims' Counsel do for Interpersonal Violence and Sexual Harassment Victims:

-Provide confidential legal advice

·Who does the Victims' Counsel work for?  YOU!

-Victims' Counsel do not work for anyone in your wing except you, and cannot be influenced by your or the offender’s chain of command

-Victims' Counsel have an independent chain of command in Washington, D.C.

·Contact SARC, FAP, VWAP Coordinator, or Legal Office to request a Victims' Counsel

-Restricted reports:  Go to the Victims' Counsel, SARC, Victim Advocate, Chaplain, or Health Care provider to ensure the report remains restricted


WALK IN HOURS & INFO: (Call First)

Mon/Thurs 0900-1100 / Tues/Wed 1200-1400

CONTACT: (202) 631-1218


Goodfellow AFB Victims' Counsel Office (Also serving Dyess AFB)

351 Kearney Blvd/Suite 119D (Norma Brown Bldg)

COMM (325) 654-5225  DSN: 477-5225

EMERGENCY:  (240) 374-9697