Key Support Liaisons are trained volunteers that provide personal, peer-to-peer support for their squadron's families. Their role is to care for families by providing them with information from their squadron's leadership about events, programs, and other available resources during periods of separation. As an official unit representative, they also serve as a point of contact when spouses need to communicate any difficulties they may be experiencing to their leadership. As fellow military spouses who also live with and adapt to military lifestyle cycles and changes, they are passionate about what they do! They are a critical team member of each squadron's leadership, and they are informed, equipped, and empowered to make a difference on base and in the lives of their squadron's families.

If you are interested in having an active role in your squadron as a Key Support Liaison, please schedule a meeting with your squadron commander in order to obtain an official appointment. Key Support Liaisons are official commander appointed volunteers who represent the unit and must be approved prior to attending initial training.  Volunteers of any gender, age, or rank are encouraged to become Key Support Liaisons.


If you would like to inquire further about this program, please contact the Military and Family Readiness Center at or call 325-654-3893.  

Click here for the Air Force's Personnel Center page on the program.  

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