17th Logistics Readiness Squadron

Mission: Provide Agile Logistics Support to Goodfellow AFB.   
Vision: Cultivate Premier Logistics Airmen Ready for the Future Fight.



Operations Compliance (OC) is aligned under the Logistics Manager. The OC is the commander’s single point of contact for 'health of the squadron' issues. The OC provides oversight of squadron compliance, training, resources, accountability and analysis. It is responsible for the programs and processes associated with squadron resource management, compliance & analysis, systems management, and munitions maintenance/management. The OC contains the following processes: Quality Assurance Section, Resource Management, Munitions Storage, and Functional Systems Management. The OC measures LRS processes through inventory analysis, surveillance, trends and standards, develops and writes local policy/procedures and performs 'over the shoulder' inspections augmented by all LRS career fields. This section is focused on centralized oversight of critical squadron programs, many of which are executed at the flight level.

The Deployment and Distribution Flight provides a full range of transportation services in the movement of personal property, cargo and passengers worldwide through the use of organic assets and contracted commercial carriers. The flight provides effective, reliable transportation support through use of a highly trained cadre of vehicle operators, and traffic management personnel. The 17th LRS efficiently processes and moves inbound and outbound materiel to support the transportation needs of the 17th Training Wing.

D-flight consists of five sections: Cargo Movement (In/Outbound Cargo), Passenger Travel, PAX/Personal Property, and the TRAVCO office. It is responsible for processing over 10K TMO customers per year and issuing almost 6K official airline tickets annually.

The Ground Transportation Section provides safe, economical and timely organic vehicle support to meet the ground transportation needs of the 17th Training Wing, including Distinguished Visitor transportation support, group transportation, vehicle recovery and cargo delivery services.

The Installation Deployment and Readiness Flight manages the Installation Deployment Readiness Cell, ensuring that 17th TRW personnel meet all qualifications and eligibility requirements for mobility commitments. The flight is the lead cadre for the 17th TRW’s 5-day Expeditionary Readiness Training (ERT) pre-deployment course and coordinates 40 instructors and trains over 100 wing personnel to support Combatant Command requirements per year. The flight is responsible for the execution of Air Force Force Generation (AFFORGEN), Unit Type Code (UTC) Management, In-Garrison Expeditionary Site Planning, and Installation Deployment Planning. Lastly, the flight also provides oversight of the wing’s Support Agreement programs.

The Materiel Management Flight is responsible for stocking, storing, issuing, managing, inventorying, inspecting and decentralizing inventory management of all DOD supplies and equipment, including hazardous material used throughout the wing. This flight is the primary liaison between customers and the Air Force Sustainment Center.

Material Management consists of six sections: Asset Management, Central Storage, Customer Support, Equipment Management, Fuels Management, and Individual Protective Equipment. Furthermore, it exercises management control over the turn-in and redistribution of excess expendable equipment and Air Force property turned in by the 17th TRW. The flight manages all 17th TRW individual protective equipment and ensures that all deploying Airmen have proper gear and serviceable weapons when they deploy in support of contingency operations. The flight provides equipment accountability support of 68 equipment accounts with over 2K assets worth $25.3M and advises approving and appointing authorities on procedures affecting lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed government property.

The Vehicle Management Flight is responsible for managing and delivering responsive maintenance support to a fleet of 172 vehicles worth $31.2 million and maintains the AF’s largest fire truck fleet (43) within the DoD enabling the graduation of 4.5K firefighters per year. The ingenuity and tenacity of the Vehicle Management Flight ensures the Goodfellow AFB training mission maintains a constant, ready state in support of the 17 Training Wing and DoD’s Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance and Firefighting Centers of Excellence.

Unit Directory:
Command Support Staff: (325) 654-3841
Equipment Accountability Element: (325) 654-3837
Ground Transportation: (325) 654-5744
Logistics Manager: (325) 654-5756
Passenger Travel: (325) 654-5541
Personal Property: (325) 654-3702