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    Upon arrival to Goodfellow Air Force Base, your first stop will be to your assigned training squadron to check-in.
    312th Training Squadron, building 3453
    313th Training Squadron, building 526
    315th Training Squadron, building 530
    316th Training Squadron, building 519

    Base in-processing occurs every Tuesday from 7 a.m. to noon at the Event Center, building 723.
    See your squadron for details in case of location change. Please arrive at 6:45 a.m.

    Students need to arrive at Goodfellow in time to attend the Tuesday base in-processing event prior to their class start date.
    Note: Students attending the Geospatial-Intelligence Analyst Course should arrive one day prior to their class start date as
    they will attend the base in-processing event the Tuesday after the class start date.

    For more information, call the Airman & Family Readiness Center at 325-654-3893.

    1. Members should in-process the unit within 24 hrs of arrival to Goodfellow AFB

    2. Members should ensure they are detached in DTS from their previous unit prior to arrival so that they can be
    attached to our hierarchy

    3. Members should bring any documents given to them by the departing CSS, a copy of the PCS order, DTS training
    certificate, and GTC Transfer memo for in-processing.

    To gain access to the base you must be a DOD civilian ID card holder or retired military.
    If you are not then the graduate will need to sponsor you onto the base.
    Graduates can sponsor up to 5 people who possess a valid REAL ID Act compliant state ID or Driver's License.  

    For those reporting to the 312th Training Squadron:
    Military Training Leaders (Non-Prior Service Students):
    DSN 477-5943 COMM 325-654-5943

    First Sergeant (Prior Service Students):
    DSN 477-5363 COMM 325-654-5362

    For those reporting to the 313th Training Squadron:
    Unit Personnel Center:
    DSN 477-4552 COMM 325-654-4552

    Front Office:
    DSN 477-3640 COMM 325-654-3640

    For those reporting to the 315th Training Squadron:
    Military Training Leaders (Non-Prior Service Students):
    DSN 477-3742 COMM 325-654-3742

    Casual Office (Prior Service and Officer Students):
    DSN 477-3318 COMM 325-654-3318

    For those reporting to the 316th Training Squadron:
    For incoming 316th Training Squadron students in-processing information click here.

    U.S. Army 344th Military Intelligence Battalion:
    For incoming Soldiers in-processing information click here.

    U.S. Army Delta Company, 169th Engineer Battalion:
    For incoming Soldiers in-processing information click here.

    Navy Center for Information Warfare Training Detachment:
    For information on the Navy detachment click here.

    Marine Corps Detachment:
    For information on the Marine Corps detachment click here

Officer Housing:
Inbound officer students for the 14N-Intelligence Officer Course will need to seek off-base housing, please contact the Military Housing Office (MHO) specifically the referral and relocations specialists at 325-654-3498. The 315th Training Squadron will work with 17th Civil Engineer Squadron to maintain a small block of rooms for officer students with approved hardships, (Hardships are considered to be unique and unusual circumstances that, in the judgement of the Installation Commander, imposes an extraordinary burden on the member not normally encountered by other members of similar grade at that installation) that may prevent living off-base. The Air National Guard & Reserve liaison and MHO are prepared to assist inbound officer students that have questions or concerns please call 325-654-4401.

    For more information on the installation and surrounding area visit the Military Installations page.