312th Training Squadron

Mission: Train, develop, and inspire warriors to deliver fire emergency services and nuclear treaty monitoring for the Department of Defense and our international partners.

Vision: To be the DoD’s training source for fire emergency services and scientific applications specialists.

Organization: The 312th Training Squadron is part of the 17th Training Group.

The 312th Training Squadron provides training for:

Military Training Leaders


The Military Training Flight is tasked to directly supervise, mentor and develop non-prior service students while they attend technical training.

The Military Training Flight provides continuing military training for recently graduated Basic Military Training Airmen. Military Training Leaders utilize a wide variety of tactics, techniques and programs designed to teach and enhance military standards and professionalism.

The role of the MTL is to reinforce military training standards learned at BMT, assist Airmen with adaptation to the military way of life and to provide the U.S. Air Force with highly trained, motivated, self-disciplined and physically fit Airmen. The goal of the MTL is to produce quality Airmen whose behavior is consistent with USAF standards and core values.

The 312th Training Squadron provides training for Scientific Applications and Fire Protection students.

Scientific Applications Training

Over 64 years of Excellence.


Training for the Scientific Applications Specialist career field was formalized in June 1954 with the creation of the Special Instruments Training Branch under the Department of Special Weapons at Lowry Air Force Base. At the height of training in 1968, student levels were at 700 with a staff of 226 officers, enlisted and civilians. In response to the 1991 Base Realignment and Closure commission, the SPINSTRA was relocated from Lowry AFB to Goodfellow AFB in 1994 where it joined the 312th Training Squadron.


The Scientific Applications Training Flight is the schoolhouse for the 9S100 Reporting Identifier, providing mission-ready Airmen to numerous commands within the Department of Defense and the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance community. 9S100s apply leading edge physical science knowledge to perform maintenance, research and development, laboratory operations and sensor fielding of sensors. They also collect, process and analyze scientific data to derive, develop, integrate and report information on systems and platforms.


SPINSTRA starts with Airmen who must meet stringent criteria on multiple portions of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery as well as the Electronics and Data Processing Test. SPINSTRA students spend 85 training days learning mathematics, electronic principles, applied sciences, computer and network fundamentals, phenomenology, and ISR fundamentals. This training is coupled with a core of essential career field knowledge and critical thinking applications. Upon completion of the basic course, students are then entered into a specialized course based on their first duty assignment and work center.

Louis F. Garland Department of Defense Fire Academy:

The Louis F. Garland Department of Defense Fire Academy is located at Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, Texas. The DOD Fire Academy is home to the Fire Protection Apprentice Course for the DOD and is host to roughly 17 advanced Fire Protection courses including mobile training teams bringing courses to the field. The DOD Fire Academy provides training to all components of the DOD, including uniformed and civilian members of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and other organizations. The DOD Fire Academy also trains international students to build partnership capacity in allied nations.

Courses at the DOD Fire Academy include the Fire Protection Apprentice Course, Rescue Technician I Course, Hazardous Materials Technician, Fire Instructor III, Fire Inspector II and III, Fire Officer II, III, and IV, Fire Marshal and National Incident Management System 300/400 courses.


Graduates of our courses can be found working on all seven continents of the globe and each military service. We take great pride in developing future leaders for America and her Allies!