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17th Force Support Squadron

Responsible for programs covering military/civilian personnel, education services and family support for joint service firefighter, intelligence and AF special instruments training. Provides systems, resources and procedures to support commanders at all levels, ensures maximum readiness and delivers services to 4,800 military, 520 civilians, 10,000 students and 3,700 family members assigned to the 17th Training Wing.

The 17th Force Support Squadron includes:
Education Services
Family Support
Civilian Personnel
Military Personnel
Manpower and Organization
Angelo Inn
Fitness & Sports
Dining Facility
Child Development Center
Family Child Care 
Youth Center
Information Tickets & Travel
The Event Center
Arts & Crafts/Auto & Wood Shop
Thede Bowling Center
Veterinary Services
Outdoor Rec/Rec-Camp
Swimming Pools
Equipment Rental Center
Resource Management Flight
Human Resource Office
Quick Reference Directory