Q:     I am having thoughts of suicide/hurting myself and/or others?
A:     Chapel: 325-654-3424, Mental Health/Family Advocacy: 325-654-3122

Q:     I cannot manage my stress level and/or anger?
A:     Chapel: 325-654-3424, Mental Health/Family Advocacy: 325-654-3122

Q:     I am depressed?
A:     Mental Health: 325-654-3122

Q:     I do not feel safe at home?
A:     Mental Health/Family Advocacy: 325-654-3122

Q:     I am being physically/emotionally abused?
A:     Mental Health/Family Advocacy: 325-654-3122

Q:     My children tell me they are being abused/I know children who are being abused or neglected?
A:     Family Advocacy: 325-654-3122

Q:     I need help with caring for a newborn or small child?
A:     Family Advocacy: 325-654-3122

Q:     I am struggling with addiction?
A:     Mental Health/ADAPT: 325-654-3122

Q:     I think/I am suffering from PTSD?
A:     Mental Health: 325-654-3122

Q:     I have been sexually assaulted (physical contact occurred)?
A:     SAPR: 325-654-1572

Q:     I have been/am being sexually harassed (physical contact has not occurred)?
A:     EO: 325-654-3898

Q:     I need help with my marriage/significant other?
A:     Chapel: 325-654-3424, Family Advocacy: 325-654-3122

Q:     I need to speak to someone that can keep the conversation confidential?
A:     Chapel: 325-654-3424

Q:     I have a family emergency/need financial assistance?
A:     A&FRC: 325-654-3893

Q:     I have a question about child care and/or child and youth programs?
A:     Child Development Center 325-654-3239
        Family Child Care 325-654-3240    
        School Age Program 325-654-1751
        Youth Programs 325-654-4708
        School Liaison 325-654-3241

Q:     I have a question about local education options for my child?
A:     School Liaison 325-654-3241

Q:     I am unsure what I need help with and/or who I need help from?
A:     Contact the Command Post at 325-654-3558 and request to be connected to your unit first sergeant.

Call 325-654-CARE to be connected to the following service providers:
- National Suicide Hotline
- Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
- Chaplain Services
- Military Family Life Consultant
- Air Force First Sergeants
- Joint Service First Sergeants
- Airmen Against Drunk Driving
- Mental Health

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