Women's History Month: TSgt Nichol De Veyra

  • Published
  • By Captain Nicole Wirth
  • 17th Training Wing Public Affairs

During Women’s History Month we are highlighting outstanding Goodfellow women. These women willingly answered just a few questions to share details about their personal journey, as well as thoughts on leadership and success. This week’s highlight is Tech. Sgt. Nichol De Veyra, 17th Medical Group dental flight chief. 


What is your Job?    

I am the dental flight chief, non-commissioned officer, mentor, trainer, and supervisor. I like to think of myself as the Jill-of-all-trades, attempting to tackle anything that comes my way. 

What female public figure, past or present, inspires you and why?  

Command Chief Master Sergeant Hope Skibitsky. As the Basic Military Training Superintendent in 2017, she displayed confidence in herself AND her people. Competent to not just her responsibilities, but to take the time to learn the ‘grind’ and how to better it, spoke volumes about her character.

What qualities make a great female leader?  

To never be perfect, but strive for victories, whether abundant or trivial. 

What is a piece of advice you can give to women today? 

Do not limit your abilities because of what you’ve been told. 

What is something you would like the next generation to know? 

If you are provided an opportunity or task…take it, make it great, share it, and allow others to repeat that cycle to make it even greater.  

What is one crazy or unique fact about yourself? 

I was raised in Nigeria for 16 years, by strict parents that sheltered me from ‘the American’ way. I was sent away to live with relatives in America, but was kicked out when I turned 18. I couch surfed for a year and a half before I joined the Air Force. I have not regretted a single second, even on my toughest days.  

What was your “dream job” as a kid? 

To be a civil engineer, for my love of math, physics, and building and tearing ‘stuff’ up.