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  • Celebrating American Indian diversity and heritage

    American Indians have served in the armed forces since World War I.Over the years there were many who sought a day or week to honor these early Americans. It wasn’t federally recognized until 1990 when President George H. W. Bush designated November as National American Indian Heritage Month. “For

  • The casual life at Goodfellow

    With around 2,300 students on base you can’t help but see students everywhere, but there are some students you see in places you wouldn’t expect. You may see students working the gates or lending a hand at the Airman Family Readiness Center.“When I first graduated class last June, I was a sensitive

  • The beating heart of the Air Force … squadrons

    A month after taking office in 2016, Gen. David Goldfein, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, announced he wanted to revitalize squadrons calling them the beating heart of the Air Force.“We succeed or fail in our missions at the squadron-level because that is where we develop, train and build Airmen,”

  • The last time I hurt myself

    Tech. Sgt. Elizabeth Aguilar, 17th Training Wing Equal Opportunity NCO in charge, has been in the Air Force over 17 years but, like some, she experienced emotional, physical and mental abuse before raising her right hand to enlist. “Before I joined the Air Force I didn’t have a very good

  • Goodfellow members become US citizens with the help of the Air Force

    The Air Force story can be told in many ways. It can be told by highlighting air superiority in the sky, by highlighting the Air Force mission to fly, fight and win, or it can be told through the amazing men and women that make up the service both military and civilian. On Sept. 25, the Air Force

  • Sharp, Crisp, Motionless

    Military members in distinctive uniform slowly and precisely fold the flag. Family members gathered to mourn their loved one watch as the team honors the individual who served before them. The folded flag is ceremoniously passed to the family with a quiet word of thanks from the noncommissioned

  • STARBASE Goodfellow reaches San Angelo and beyond

    STARBASE Goodfellow has reached nearly 1,400 fifth grade students, both within San Angelo and beyond, delivering a more hands-on introduction to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. “Last year we reached 17 elementary schools in the San Angelo school district and six private schools,”

  • Getting the most out of your base

    The phrase, a base is what you make of it, is said a lot to new Airman, but no one really explains the idea or where to begin looking for things to do.“All of the classes at Carswell Field House or Mathis Fitness Center are completely free to any with base access,” said 17th Medical Group Health

  • Goodfellow triad forges connections

    In an effort to encourage Airmen to interact with fellow Airmen and mentor figures outside of their normal circle, three individuals teamed up to organize new mentoring events on base.Air Force communication waypoints states that at the core of the Air Force’s warfighting capability are engaged,

  • Riding off into retirement

    One thing, 17th Civil Engineer Squadron heavy equipment operator, George Nava always wanted to do was ride his horse to work. On his last day, before retirement, Nava was able to do it.“This is one of the last things that I wanted to do on my last day of work, checking it off my bucket list,” said