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  • Goodfellow triad forges connections

    In an effort to encourage Airmen to interact with fellow Airmen and mentor figures outside of their normal circle, three individuals teamed up to organize new mentoring events on base.Air Force communication waypoints states that at the core of the Air Force’s warfighting capability are engaged, passionate leaders who are committed to developing
  • Riding off into retirement

    One thing, 17th Civil Engineer Squadron heavy equipment operator, George Nava always wanted to do was ride his horse to work. On his last day, before retirement, Nava was able to do it.“This is one of the last things that I wanted to do on my last day of work, checking it off my bucket list,” said Nava. “Before I did this, I called security forces
  • A small token of appreciation

    If you have been in the military for a minute, then you have probably received a challenge coin at some point.The origins of these coins can be traced back to when Roman soldiers received tokens to recognize their achievements, but tying down the exact link to the modern military is uncertain.There are several stories, with one referring to a
  • Smallest Air Force Base

    Affectionately known as the smallest Air Force base in the world, the Norma Brown Air Force Trainer is also known to have the most disaster incidents out of all other bases. This is due to the fact that the 1979-era tabletop model is used to assist in training fire protection specialists in the Fire Officer II and III courses at the Louis F.
  • CAREing for you

    654-CARE is an established program that not many people know about. By calling this simple automated system you have access to many Goodfellow resources."The 654-CARE number is a great resource because there is just one number that you need to dial in order to get in contact with many different individuals,” said Interim Sexual Assault Response
  • Recognizing the history in a name – Mathis Fitness Center

    With a monthly average of 21,244 patrons, it is easy to say the Mathis Fitness Center is well known, but do people know where it got its name? The Mathis Fitness Center was built on nearly the same spot as the original base gym, which it replaces, and was named after Medal of Honor recipient Army Air Corps 1st Lt. Jack Mathis, 359 Bombardment
  • Goodfellow welcomes one of the first pipe line chaplain assistants

    Before Tiffany Snyder joined the Air Force in 2017, she had no idea she would be one of the first 12 individuals to become a chaplain assistant straight out of training. “When I was at basic training they gave us the list of jobs that were available that week,” said Airman Tiffany Snyder, 17th Training Wing Chapel chaplain assistant. “They told us
  • Ellis’ stay at the Hilton

    On Feb. 15, Col. Leon F. “Lee” Ellis, visited the Goodfellow Air Force Base Theater, sharing his story with the audience, using experience as a prisoner of war as a reflection of leadership through hardship. Born and raised in Georgia, Ellis commissioned into the Air Force through Reserve Officers’ Training Corps at the University of Georgia in
  • Goodfellow Airman receives Purple Heart

    2nd Lt. Daniel Hipps, 315th Training Squadron trainee, received the Purple Heart at the Base Theater on Goodfellow Air Force Base, Jan. 31.
  • Goodfellow's new Commissary officer

    Sometimes when people think about the Commissary, they think about the food and not the people who work behind the scenes. One individual determined to make a positive impact behind the scenes is the new Goodfellow Commissary Officer, Edith Dowtin.