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17th Civil Engineer Squadron

17th Civil Engineer Squadron emblem

17th Civil Engineer Squadron emblem

Mission: Provide the quality facilities, infrastructure, and customer service necessary to produce Fire Protection and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance professional

Vision: Provide efficient, sustainable power projection platform enabling Innovation, Adaptability & Professionalism.

Organization: The 17th Civil Engineer Squadron is part of the 17th Mission Support Group

The 17 CES includes:
Fire Emergency Services
Installation Management
Readiness & Emergency Management

The 17 CES is comprised of 176 civilian and military personnel operating and maintaining 2.8 million square feet of facilities valued at $1B and supporting a base population of 5,500 military, civilians and students. The 17 CES manages 241 privatized family housing units, 144 unaccompanied housing enlisted quarters, 170 base facilities and furnishings for 18 dormitories.  The 17 CES executes an $11M operating budget and $85M design and construction program.

The Engineering Flight is responsible for portfolio optimization, community planning, environmental planning, program development, energy, design and construction management, installation geospatial information service and comprehensive asset management plan integration. They provide project management to include design, contract execution and construction oversight. The flight also provides installation mapping, facility floor plan maintenance and engineering record drawing management.

The Fire Emergency Services Flight provides oversight and management of all Fire Emergency Services response, prevention capabilities and HAZMAT training response.

The Installation Management Flight provides overall financial, IT and force management support for the squadron. They provide oversight and management of all Goodfellow real property, cultural and natural resources, environmental compliance and HAZWASTE management. The flight also provides oversight of privatized family housing in addition to managing the unaccompanied permanent party housing and all student and permanent party dormitory furnishings.

The Operations Flight provides oversight and management of facility and infrastructure operations, maintenance and repair, material control, customer service, services contract management and operations engineering functions.

Readiness and Emergency Management Flight provides oversight and management of the installation Emergency Management program and the expeditionary engineering program. They train installation populace for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) defense. Serves as installation CBRN/HAZMAT emergency responders, emergency operations center manager and supports off-base emergency responses involving military assets.

Policy Letters:
Wing Commander's Environmental Policy Statement