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17th Training Wing Plans

The 17th Training Wing emblem.

The 17th Training Wing emblem.

To support the commander and mission of the 17th Training Wing by planning, programming, managing, and providing wing oversight for projects and programs impacting the entire wing or its subordinate organizations

Engage, as commander's agent, in all training initiatives involving wing resources, such as training system upgrades/installations, and additional mission accessions

Ensure effective liaison between Individual Mobilization Augmentees (IMAs), their supervisors, Unit Reserves Coordinators, and ARPC through the BIMAA

Ensure the Crisis Action Team is trained and all decision-making/communication tools are efficiently maintained

Ensure all IMAs are trained and proficient in their wartime duty skills

Apply all available customer service principles in being responsive to all requests for information and staffing actions




Location: Bldg 430 Rm 217

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