TDY-To-school students

Off-base lodging in San Angelo, TX, has become expensive due to the region's oil influx. Temporary duty yonder travelers to Goodfellow staying in off-base lodging will pay in excess of normal authorized lodging per day.

If the Angelo Inn on Goodfellow cannot accommodate you, you are strongly advised to request a Special Authorization for Actual Expenses Authorized through Air Education and Training Command Mission Readiness Training Program. AEA will ensure reimbursement for lodging expenses up to 300 percent of the government rate. If billeting cannot make a reservation, they will fax to you a non-availability letter, a Texas tax-exempt letter and the SA request.

If you have a reservation at Goodfellow's Angelo Inn that cannot be honored on arrival, complete and submit the SA for approval. The memo is available at the Angelo Inn's front desk. You may download the SA request here. Complete the request, then scan and email or fax per the memo's instructions to TDY-to-School team. Direct questions and concerns to the AETC/MRTP TDY-to-School team.

Phone: Commercial 228-376-7003/7004/7005 or DSN 591-7003/7004/7005
FOUO fax: Commercial 228-377-1210/2227 or DSN 597-1210/2227
Scan/email: 2AF.MRTP@US.AF.MIL