School Liaison Program Manager

What does the School Liaison do?

  • The central point of contact for leadership, families, communities and schools and are referred to as the base education office for Pre-K through 12
  • Advocates, advises, and builds alliances to help address Pre-K through 12 education concerns of the Total Force
  • Offers an extensive network to educate and provide information/referrals for both military families, leadership and school districts
  • Ensures that military connected youth are provided opportunities to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally regardless of duty station, deployments, or transition status
  • Assists military families in navigating the school systems to safeguard our military youth so that their academic well-being is a priority
  • Enhances and fosters partnerships between military and civilian organizations, schools and families

If you would be interested in additional information on your upcoming PCS with School Age Dependents, please set up an appointment with your local School Liaison Program Manager! They will be able to go more in-depth on issues such as absences allowed for PCS, transfer of credits, what should be on your child's school transcripts/records, children's reactions to moving, moving with a Pre-K– 12 family member on an IEP or 504, Military Interstate Compact and much more! You will obtain with a firm knowledge of your Pre-K– 12 child's educational rights as you move around during your career by contacting your local School Liaison today! 

Goodfellow AFB resides in Tom Green Co. Our local school districts are encompassed in Region 15 covering 25,224 square miles and impacting the lives of 49,364 Pre-K – 12th grade students. The number of Military Connected Student’s (MCS) in the region is about 1,351 but at any time can vary from 1,000 – 5, 000!  The Region has 453 campuses in 43 independent school districts to include charter schools. Each district supports around 7,227 school staff. The majority of our military connected students attend San Angelo IDS (SAISD), Texas Leadership Academy (TLCA)- FREE Charter, Wall ISD and Christoval ISD. Some of our MCS attend a private/parochial school or are homeschooled. With all of Region 15’s Pre-K – 12 education you can find gifted and talented campuses as well as special needs services. Each military family’s needs are unique and the San Angelo community understands and supports this. They recognize that the military family transitions on an average 6-9 times during a child’s school career. Each school campus or district is able to work with our military families thus ensuring an overall successful educational experience during their PCS to Goodfellow AFB!

School Liaison Program Manager
Face to Face Office Hours:
Tue./Thur. 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Virtual Office Hours:
Mon./Fri. 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Comm: 325-654-3241
Cell: 325-939-3790