Diversity and Inclusion: Billy Clemons, Foster and Adoptive Parent

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Abbey Rieves
  • 17th Training Wing Public Affairs

Today’s military force cultivates a community of diverse backgrounds, experiences, demographics and perspectives. 

Following Air Force priorities, the 17th Training Wing strategically leverages these experiences for mission success. 

Assigned to the 17th Civil Engineer Squadron for over ten years, Billy Clemons, Goodfellow Air Force Base Fire Department assistant chief of prevention, offers his experience with foster care and adoption as an asset to the future force. 

Clemons and his wife are proud parents of six children. They have two biological children, two adopted children, and two foster children. 

“Diverse experiences develop individuals into well-rounded people,” said Clemons. “For us, it helps us be more involved with helping the community.”

The Department of the Air Force continuously strives to create an inclusive environment where personnel can thrive. 

Clemons said his leadership has always supported him when unexpected court dates arise, random home inspections occur, or new foster children are placed in their home.

“I think what Chief Clemons and his family are doing for the community is fantastic,” said Clemons’ supervisor, Richard Alter, 17th CES deputy fire chief. “And anything that we can do to help them, we try to do.” 

For more information on diversity and inclusion, please visit the Air Force’s Diversity and Inclusion website: https://www.af.mil/Diversity.