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Goodfellow is 1st in AETC with NSPS mock payout

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Goodfellow is the first base in Air Education and Training Command to successfully complete a mock pay pool payout process for all National Security Personnel System civilian employees. The performance evaluation process for NSPS employees will be very different than the legacy GS appraisal system.

As such, it was important that our employees, supervisors and pay pool managers experience the various phases of the evaluation process to identify any weak areas that need to be improved upon before the actual payout at the end of this year. The mock payout was for training purposes and was not accomplished on the real personnel data system.

Although employee self-assessments are not mandatory, the majority of our employees provided their supervisors self-assessments. Rating officials completed mock closeout assessments on their employees and recommended ratings, number of shares and payout distribution of the shares. The assessment packages were submitted to the respective pay pool managers.

The pay pool managers were provided their pay pool budget, all of the employee data needed to fully execute their payout dollars, and a spreadsheet tool to calculate the disbursement of the payout fund. The panels, consisting of mostly squadron commanders, reviewed the assessment packages, came to an agreement on the ratings based on a common understanding of the rating levels and successfully executed their payout budget.

The successful results of the mock payout are due to the hard work and commitment of our NSPS employees, supervisors, and pay pool managers and panel members. We want to ensure that our supervisors and employees have all of the information and skills needed to succeed in NSPS. Several NSPS-related training classes for supervisors and employees will be scheduled during the next few months.