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GAFB Airmen take a stand against drunk driving

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- This past weekend, at least four people made the conscious choice to call for a ride home rather than driving home drunk. While there were likely more servicemembers who showed that same good judgment, these four were brought home by volunteers working for Airmen Against Drunk Driving.

AADD, founded on Goodfellow in June 2006, is a program put in place by servicemembers to make sure other servicemembers get home safely. Below are some frequently asked questions (and their answers) about AADD.

Is AADD only for Airmen?

No. We are not just wingmen for Air Force members: we can also be your fellow Soldier, Sailor or Marine. We offer our service to any Goodfellow member. AADD is made up mostly of Airmen, so naturally we bleed blue, but as military members we all bleed red, white and blue.

Is AADD a free taxi service for military members?

No. AADD is a fail-safe program to give all military, DoD civilians and their families a way to get home when their plan has fallen through. We ask that anyone using AADD has a responsible plan set into place before going out. AADD is here to ensure that no one is left without a plan. We will never refuse service, but know that we should not be the first plan that anyone has in place.

"We should not be speed dial number 2 on their phones," said Staff Sgt. Zachary Levesque, AADD vice president. "Our goal is that 100 percent of our 'family' is taken care of and gets home safe!"

Will I get into trouble for being drunk?

No, unless you're breaking the law by being drunk. Either way, AADD will still make sure you have a ride.

"We, as AADD, still need to get any intoxicated individual home safe," said Sgt. Levesque.

While he cautioned minors against drinking alcohol and said that AADD cannot support underage drinking by offering anonymity, he also suggested that minors weigh the consequences for being caught drinking underage against the much stronger consequences, both legal and safety-related, for driving under the influence.

How do I contact AADD?

Our on-call phone number is 654-AADD (2233), and we will continue to hand out business cards to the base population. That way, there are no excuses about not knowing the number. Our on-call rep is available from 10 p.m. - 3 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays, and the same times on those Sunday nights when Monday is a holiday.

How do I become a volunteer?

You can e-mail Goodfellow's AADD and let everyone know who you are and that you want to be a member. Once we get your name, we will send you all the information needed, and get you set up in the AADD e-mail addressee list. Once on there, you will get all the info, including meeting times, and any updates we may have.