Inner Strength

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Jason S. Ram
  • 315th Training Squadron
Your inner strength comes from within.
Where the fires of faith and ambition begin.

Strive to stay happy. Strive to stay free.
And in time you will see the inner strength within thee.

Let not negative thoughts steal away from you.
All the fortunes of good your life is well due!

For those who tend to lie, cheat and take with their all.
Will not rise above themselves: while you rise above all.

And let those who hurt others continue on in such glee.
Since they will never hurt nor hinder the inner strength within thee.

And may your truest of friends stay with you to remain.
The closest of angels: your saviors from pain.

Always honor such people! May you never forget.
That these are friends of the highest quality: the ones you will never regret.

So let the good times last forever! While the bad ones slowly die.
With the decision to do both determined by the fire in your eyes.

Remember that your life is a novel - an extended drama with a thousand bends.
And that the attitude you have now decides how the last chapter will end.

So write well in your story! Make every page to be the best.
By defining your enemies as comic relief, and every problem a minor test.

Expect plenty of both to fill your life, but know that neither will ever outweigh.
All the love you will find in this world, if you look for it without delay!

Know that grace is found in gratitude. Know that force is found in faith.
And that the steady application of both will add a golden lining to your fate.

So take in all that you have read here! Commit to it. Understand it and you will see.
That there is nothing in this world that could destroy all the inner strength within thee!

Dedicated to my fellow troops of all branches worldwide, and written for all Americans struggling through the tough economic times.
United we stand, divided we fall; though may our country forever remain the best among all!

Very Respectfully, 2nd Lieutenant Jason Siri Ram