"Mission ready is inspection ready"

  • Published
  • By Col. Thomas Geary
  • 17th Training Wing Commander
Our next Unit Compliance Inspection will soon be here. Scheduled for Nov. 14-21, this inspection will bring more than 100 inspectors to our home. They will take a long, hard look at our programs and our operations. Remember to stay mission focused because, "Mission ready is inspection ready."

We have had several inspections during 2010, and plan to have several more inspections and Staff Assistance Visits prior to our UCI. Use these opportunities to run your checklists, tighten up what needs tightening, and make sure everything is documented. Remember, in the inspections world, "If it's not documented, it did not happen." Double-check your documentation so we can hit a home run.

Below are four "emphasis programs" we expect the inspectors to scrutinize. These four areas tie directly in to a few of the Air Force Chief of Staff priorities:

Personal Reliability Program
Air Force Priority: Continue to Strengthen the Nuclear Enterprise.
Connection: PRP is a crucial part of our Nuclear Enterprise.

Electronic Records Management
Air Force Priority: Modernize our Air and Space Inventories, Organizations and Training.
Connection: ERM is crucial to the modernization of our organizations and their processes.

Installation Exercise Program
Air Force Priority: Modernize our Air and Space Inventories, Organizations and Training.
Connection: Exercises are imperative to test and to practice our training and re-vector as needed.

Fitness Program
Air Force Priority: Partner with Joint and Coalition Team to Win Today's Fight.
Connection: Quite simply, if we are not physically fit we are ineffective in combat.
As we move towards November's UCI, we will continue publishing the UCI Tip of the Week and provide negative and positive trends from other Air Education and Training Command bases that have recently been inspected.

I urge you to visit the 17th Training Wing Plans and Programs Community of Practice for everything you will need to have a successful UCI at:

Being mission ready and inspection ready is our responsibility - all of us. I challenge you to exceed standards in everything you do and always strive for excellence. If those around you are struggling, help them, teach them and foster the "excellence in all we do" mindset.