Maintaining military customs

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Carl Nelson
  • 315th Training Squadron
The salute is an integral part to the customs and courtesies which we encounter everyday as servicemembers. The military custom of showing respect between servicemembers has been around longer than the United States of America has been in existence.

As we carry on this tradition here amongst ourselves, we have to remember to salute marked staff cars as directed in Air Force and command instructions.

Military members must be alert to their surroundings. A staff car is marked with the officer's rank by a plate or flag located on the front of the car. There are four staff cars here that travel throughout the base. These cars belong to the wing commander, training group commander, medical group commander and mission support group commander. We often host visiting general officers, too, which makes it even more important to remain alert to present the best image of Team Goodfellow. Remember, first impressions are very important!