Please excuse the mess...

  • Published
  • By Maj. Clinton Ross
  • 17th Mission Support Squadron commander
You may have noticed many changes going on throughout the 17th Mission Support Group over the last several weeks. As we prepare to merge the 17th Mission Support Squadron and the 17th Services Division, multiple offices have relocated or rearranged their office spaces as well as organizational structure. These moves are essential to meet the required 17th Force Support Squadron structure as well as creating a synergy between the two organizations.

One of the first moves to realign the leadership structure was to collocate three of the services flight chiefs with the squadron command section in the Norma Brown Headquarters, Building 430. In doing so, we also took the opportunity to collocate the Civilian Personnel Office and the Human Resources NAF Office into the 17th Services Division, Building 3303. This will provide our customers a central focal point for all civilian employment issues, thus eliminating multiple trips between buildings to find the "right" office.

Next, the manpower office will also be relocating to Building 430 in realigning the squadron into the new FSS Manpower and Personnel Flight. This will allow both the military personnel functions and manpower functions the opportunity to work literally side by side providing more efficient processes.

The Retiree Affairs office will move to the Airman and Family Readiness Center, Building 145. By being centrally located near the Commissary and the BX, and in the same building where many receive new IDs.

Another move during this merger is to combine the mortuary affairs office with the casualty office. In the past, the Air Force has maintained these two critical functions under two separate squadron organizations. We expect to see a more efficient utilization of resources while providing a uniform approach in supporting families during their time of need.

To better support our Professional Military Education requirements we've moved the Professional Enhancement Center into the former Goodfellow NCO Academy, Building 901.

In the coming weeks Goodfellow will host Airman Leadership School, for the first time in many years, First Term Airman's Course, and other professional enhancement classes in these facilities. Airmen will also be able to meet with the Career Assistance Advisor, the AF Reserve recruiter and the Air National Guard recruiter in this location as well, eliminating multiple trips across the base.

We have also moved many of the lodging staff into the old base housing office, Building 701. This move has allowed us to better serve our customers by offering an additional location for lodging services.

Additionally, we moved one of our sundry stores into this area providing a more convenient, centrally located opportunity to purchase items they may need while staying with us.

In addition to many of these new moves and changes we have new facilities such as the Arts & Crafts Skills Center awaiting the grand opening as well as other buildings like the Event Center under renovation. They have recently opened the kitchen and are serving great food to our customers in the evening.

As you can see, we have been extremely busy in realigning our structure and organization. We will be officially merged on August 22, and look forward to continuing to provide you with first class customer service and support. This is an exciting time and I hope that you will take full advantage of all of the outstanding services provided by your new 17th Force Support Squadron. In the mean time, please excuse our mess and thank you for your patience.