Are your personnel records ready?

  • Published
  • By Maj. Michael Gayer
  • 17th Mission Support Squadron
March is the month the Air Force sets aside for the Personnel Records Readiness Campaign. Many Airmen don't prioritize keeping their records up-to-date very highly; however, that is not only to their detriment, but potentially to their dependents' as well. Military members should use this opportunity to review such items as their virtual record of emergency data (vRED) and personal information in the Virtual Military Personnel Flight (vMPF).

The vRED is an official document required by law for Airmen to provide the Air Force with emergency contact information in the event of a casualty. It also allows them to instruct the Air Force on other matters should the unthinkable happen. Airmen can select who will receive unpaid pay and allowances, death gratuity and who will determine the disposition of the remains. If any of the information changes, the vRED should be updated as soon as possible--delays in next-of-kin notification are most often associated with incomplete or outdated information. Please note that updating vRED does not affect SGLI beneficiary designation. Changing one's insurance still requires a visit to the Customer Service Unit (at the Airmen and Family Readiness Center Flight, Bldg. 145). If tragedy strikes, having your records in good shape is one less heartache in what can be a turbulent time.

Personnel records should also be reviewed as they directly impact promotion potential. It's critical that the records accurately reflect performance. When records meet a promotion board, Airmen need to ensure the board views the complete and accurate record of performance. Airmen should review their records and physically account for their decorations and performance reports. Just because this information appears in the electronic personnel record or
SURF, it doesn't necessarily mean the information is also in the hard copy record. It never hurts to check and Air Force Instruction 36-3003 grants the opportunity to request permissive TDY to review records in person at the Air Force Personnel Center.

Despite career field cutbacks, personnelists will continue to provide tremendous service and take care of all Airmen. However, that service will still require each Airman to do their part--every Airman will ultimately be responsible for their own records and they need to inform someone when there are errors.

To aid in record reviews, Airmen receive e-mail notifications around their birthday each year advising them to review their electronic personnel records maintained within the Military Personnel Data System. After Airmen log in to vMPF and accomplish a records review; a hard copy should be printed for personal safekeeping. If all record information is correct, no further action is required until the next annual review.

For more information, please contact your commander's support staff, the military personnel flight or call the Air Force Contact Center at (800) 616-3775.