Hip-Hop Risk Management -- What, what, what, what…What…?

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Reading those words can remind you of the music artist Macklemore and yes, I'll admit that I did that on purpose to get your attention. But, we know that I'm not writing an article to discuss the song "Thrift Shop", but let's hypothetically say we were on our way to one...

Although there is a lot more 'whats' in the song, I need only use five... these will signify the steps of the risk management process that I'm going to use on my trip to the Thrift Shop. What hazards am I going to encounter? What is the risk associated with these hazards? What are my options? What did I end up doing? What was the overall outcome?

Scenario: I see a wolf hat that I must have... and see a broken zipper with a sharp edge right along the back of it.

1. The hazard is - The broken zipper could cut my head if I lean back, put it on tight or someone pats it and puts pressure on that area.
2. The risk is - The injury that may incur could end up being just a scratch, but might end up becoming infected or possibly even leaving a permanent scar.
3. The options are - I hold up the hat and see if it will work without the zipper. Or can I just wear padding underneath? I will most likely have to "Pop the Tag".
4. The option implemented - I chose to remove the zipper because as said in the beginning, it was a must have (and only 99 cents)!
5. Evaluation of the overall outcome - I placed the hat on my head and it fit well, not too loose, no sharp edges, and it looks incredible.

I just used Risk Management on my trip to the Thrift Shop and I ended with a win. Did you see? This process can be applied to any situation, any scenario, and I didn't need to perform magic to get it done. It was five easy steps that each and every one of us do every day. Simple addition I'd say, let's do it again!