It is warming up, what should you do?

  • Published
  • By Commentary by Kevin Groff
  • 17th Civil Engineer Squadron
It is a nice spring day and the bike has been sitting for a while. You want to go for a ride, but what should you do? You should inspect your bike prior to going out and riding it. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, take your bike to a qualified mechanic to have it inspected for safety. Remember, you only have two wheels, unless you have a trike, on the road. It is vitally important that your bike or trike be in perfect working order.

The first thing you should do is the T-CLOCK on your bike. You should do this every day before you ride. Most riders do not and that can, and will hurt them.

T-CLOCK stands for:
T = Tires & Wheels
C = Controls
L = Lights
O = Oil
C = Chassis
K = Kickstand

Check all these things for worn, frayed, broken parts, rust, leaks or other problems. If you find any problems get it fixed immediately for everyone's safety. I have seen numerous bikes people ride that have worn out and low tires, loose chains, bad oil leaks, etc. These are accidents waiting to happen.

Do not forget your helmet, jacket, gloves, boots and other protective gear. The Snell Memorial Foundation recommends you replace your helmet every five years. After regular usage the safety effectiveness decreases on your only head protection. Double-check the rest of your gear as well. This is the only thing between you and the road.

The whole idea is to be safe and have fun while riding. If it has been awhile since you have taken a motorcycle safety course, you might want to consider taking one to brush up on your skills. Have fun and be safe, I will see you on the road!