The Stars & Stripes

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Kirk Turner
  • 17th Force Support Squadron
The American Flag is more than just 13 stripes of red and white and 50 stars in a field of blue.

The flag symbolizes the values and beliefs that make this country great. These same values and beliefs are the ones that countless men and women over history have made the ultimate sacrifice for.

It is our responsibility to show it the respect that it deserves. There are many ways to show respect to the American Flag. Some of the more prominent examples are a procession or parade, saluting during the national anthem, created by Francis Scott Key in 1814, and the raising and lowering during reveille and retreat to signify the start and end of the work day.

History has shown that the men and women before us rendered respect to the flag because they understood the importance of having freedom and liberty, of being able to have the ideals and beliefs of being an American.

It is our duty to ensure that not just Airmen, but every branch in our armed services and civilians have that same understanding and respect for our flag, the American Flag.