Using CLEPs to standout

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Joshua Edwards
  • 17th Training Wing Public Affairs

I’ve heard time and time again that getting a Community College of the Air Force degree as an Airman makes you look ambitious, but it took me awhile to realize how easy it is to obtain.

I started off like quite a few Airmen that I know, I was one of the people who would drag their feet when it came to earning college credits after I finishing their Career Development Courses.

I wanted time to myself and to get away from studying, but eventually my superiors wore me down and I took my first College Level Examination Program.

The CLEP was paid for by the Air Force, enrollment was easy and I was able to take it right after work. I was even able to check out the pass and fail rate for each test, and borrow study materials from the base library.

Once I got comfortable with the process, I was able to take a couple tests a week without having to attend college part time.

Unfortunately, I didn’t pass my algebra test, but after taking some time to study I was able to take the College Math CLEP to obtain my math credits.

I plan to get my last few required credits in the months to come so I can see what I can transfer towards my associate’s degree.

Working towards my CCAF degree makes me feel like I’m becoming a better Airman because I have initiative over other Airmen. I know having a CCAF degree will make me appear as a more qualified service member and civilian when I start looking for future employment opportunities.

For more information on CCAFs or CLEPs, contact the base Education Center at 325-654-3314.