Running the right way

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Laura R. McFarlane
  • 17th Training Wing Public Affairs
2,016 miles in 2016, no big deal, right? That’s the challenge I took with my brother and sister. The three us of would run or walk 2,016 miles. On my own, I took a challenge to complete 1,000 miles.

As the year winds down, and I’m far from done, I realized that my running could use some improvement. I’d like to pick up my pace, but how do I do that, without hurting myself?

When I saw that there was going to be a running clinic, I was all in. I called the physical therapy office and signed up. It’s a new program they started a few months ago.

I arrived for my appointment early, this gave me time to check things out and see how it works. The clinic is a three phase process.

First, they had me do a warm up walk on the treadmill and then I ran for a few minutes to give Capt. Nathan Howarth, 17th Medical Operations Squadron Services Flight Commander, a chance to film my running technique. He then critiqued my running and gave me advice on how to improve. Turns out I run with my knees coming inward and need to increase my hip strength.

Next, Senior Airman Brian Jones, 17th MDOS physical therapy technician, showed me how to do the exercises that Howarth recommended. The three exercises are single leg bridge, side stepping with a band and in-line lunges. I felt a little funny, lying there lifting my hips up in the air as I did the single leg bridge but hey, if it helps.

Third and final phase of the clinic is a little chat with Alfredo Pizana, 17th Force Support Squadron fitness trainer. He talked to me about what my goal is and how to get there.

It doesn’t take long, all together about 20 minutes of your life. It’s too early in the process to say how well it’ll work for me but I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

For those interested in the clinic, scheduling is usually done by a unit point of contact. Have your unit pick a POC to contact Tech. Sgt. Liz Torres, 17th MDOS physical therapy NCO in charge, at 325-654-1265 to set it up.